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About Our Company Vision

To provide people a new and better way to communicate and keep in touch from anywhere using true simple to install technology. Make communication work the way it really works in the real world. Bring social communication up to speed with smart device social networking.

About Our Technology

Phone calls are moving away from hardwired land systems to mobile wireless paridigms and at the same time overlapped communication like texting and others are moving communication away from finite single person to single person calls. Our technology melds conference or many to many voice with many to many texting.

About Our CTO

  • James Tighe - Senior Vice President Engineering / Chief Technology Officer
    As Chief Technology Officer, James Tighe helps define Suraeh's technological strategy and drives innovation across the company. As an evangelist for what's possible he continuously creates new markets and new opportunities. His career has been centered around network communications for over 22 years. Previous roles included Senior Technical Leader at Cisco Systems, while there he brought to life his idea of Unifying Voice and Video calls together in Cisco's CVTA/CUVA system which has evolved into Cisco Telepresence, Expanded Cisco's product line in many directions while generating over 14 US patents. Before Cisco he was a founding father of Voice over IP or VoIP as one of the original 25 engineers of Selsius Systems. At Selsius he also generated 3 additional patents while developing Voice and Video collaboration applications.