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Welcome to Suraeh

At Suraeh we provide people with a better way to communicate for fun or yes even for business.

Suraeh provides you with an easy to use and convenient interface to both Audio VoIP and what we call VOXTs or Voice Messages. Suraeh uses your Broadband Internet connection between Suraeh users and the Suraeh Audio Conference Bridge Algorithm (Patent Pending) to form very large conferences. Using the Suraeh adapter users can use any combination of audio outputs that they choose. Simple speaker phone, wireless DECT phone with gaming headset or their favorite headset plugged in anywhere the DECT phone will go. And use any smart device with a browser maybe a iPhone, Android, iTouch, iPad, PC or MAC to control Suraeh. With the Suraeh adapter users never have to worry with software or hardware conflicts. Talk as long as you want whenever you want from wherever you want. With Suraeh you can put the 'social' back into your social circles.

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